Flygt pumps

Dewatering pumps

BIBO and Ready submersible pumps for high performance applications. We recommend it for dewatering on medium and smaller construction sites, for the construction of public utilities and telecommunications systems, as well as for service providers whom the mobility of the pump is important.

BIBO submersible pumps

The members of the BIBO pump family are powerful, easy to move and versatile. BIBO pumps offer a reliable solution in a wide range of high-performance applications, such as: large-scale infrastructure facilities

Ready submersible pumps

The members of the READY series are easy to transport, very resistant to corrosion and abrasive materials, and work reliably for a long time. They are suitable for a variety of tasks, for example: on medium and small-scale construction sites.

High performance sewage and industrial water pumps

Pumps for any wastewater treatment application. The pumps of the Flygt 3000 series are designed in a modular system: the drive unit is the same, the hydraulics are different according to the various applications.

C 3000 submersible pumps

The closed, single- or multi-channel impeller of the C-pumps runs in the spiral-shaped pump housing. The size and design of the channel minimizes the risk of clogging, making these pumps ideal for handling large solids.

F 3000 submersible sewage pumps

F-pumps have an open, S-shaped impeller with a hardened cutting edge. There is a blade at the inlet. The cutting edge and cutting plate shred the long fiber materials before they enter the pump.

M 3000 submersible sewage pumps

The main characteristic of M-pumps is the highly efficient grinding structure. The pump was specifically designed for pressurized sewage systems.

N 3000 submersible sewage pumps

Open, self-cleaning impeller for multi-purpose, high-efficiency use. Extremely clogging-resistant design.

Pumping stations supplied in stock

TOP self-cleaning sump bottom in an integrated design, even for the simple, cost-effective modernization of older pumping stations, as well as COMPIT pumping station for single- and two-family houses.

TOP self-cleaning shaft bottom

The bottom of the sump is much smaller than a conventional sump bottom, which means that the sediment collects directly under the pump, where the suction is the strongest. Due to the geometry of the patented TOP manhole bottom, sediment cannot settle, thus reducing the number of service occasion.

Compit pump station

Complete pumping station for sewage and pressurized sewage systems and groundwater. Compit can be delivered fully stocked and ready for immediate connection.


ITT Flygt mixers can be used in municipal wastewater treatment systems and in various industrial processes (e.g. paper production).

Compact mixers

Flygt 4600 series mixers are directly driven and made of stainless steel. They are an economical solution for suspending solids and mixing liquids.

Low speed mixers

Even, slow mixing of large volumes of liquids can be achieved with surprisingly low energy consumption with the Flygt 4410 and 4430 mixers, which are equipped with gearing and large-diameter propellers. Agitators are useful for suspending solids, mixing and preventing stratification.

Installation methods

Submersible mixers can be installed quickly, easily and at low cost. For this, ITT Flygt offers several well-proven complete installation systems.

Submersible mixers

The use of submersible mixers is not only convenient, but also the most economical solution compared to other options. All submersible systems create a mixing jet. Due to the freely variable positioning of the mixer, this jet can mix the entire volume of the liquid.

Status monitoring and control

Intelligent systems for pumps and mixers. ITT Flygt produces condition monitoring and control devices for a wide range of pumps and mixers. By using our equipment, maintenance costs are reduced, system reliability is increased, and energy consumption will be lower.

FGC series

General pump controller for controlling small and medium lifters.

APP series

Lift controller with a wide range of services.


Automatic sump cleaning controller.

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