Professional maintenance services

  • During each service, we provide a detailed report containing a list of the mechanical parts to be replaced. We provide 1 year warranty for installed parts.
  • The equipment in our workshop includes a tester station, which we use to carry out electrical measurements easily. These measurements are recorded, thus ensuring the reliability of the pump’s electrical components.
  • If it’s not possible to transport the pump into the workshop due to its size or complexity, our specialists will carry out on site repair and maintenance.

Pump assembly and installation

If necessary, we will remove the pump from the site, take care of its transportation, and reinstall it after the desired repair. After installation, we ensure trouble-free operation with repeated electrical measurements and operational tests.

Pump station revision

Revision of existing lifting stations, mechanical and technological renovation if a unique quote is requested.

Sales and Consulting

Our offer includes the leading pump brands and their components, enabling us to help our Partners with professional consultancy.

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